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Signature Loans (Personal Loans)

UPS Employees Credit Union offers loans for many different needs of UPS employees. Full time and part time employees are eligible for amounts based on length of employment. Payroll deduction is required for repayment.

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Credit Cards

A VISA Credit Card is available with an approved credit application. The rate is 12.9% fixed APR. Cash advances and balance transfers are available for a $5.00 fee.

UPS ECU VISA Online Access

Share Secured Loans

Need a loan without wanting to pay the higher interest rate on an unsecured loan? Or need to establish credit? An easy way is to acquire a Share Secured Loan. This loan is based on the funds in your Savings Account or in a Certificate at the CU. Your savings are pledged on the loan. You would be borrowing against your own money at a lesser interest rate while still earning on your savings.

Share Secured Loan Rates

Vehicle Loans

Your next vehicle purchase can be fast and hassle free when you start with UPS Employees Credit Union. Coming to us first will save you time and money. You will be preapproved with the credit union. We will be on top in making sure you receive the best deal possible.

Have you recently purchased a car through another lender? Refinance with UPS Employees Credit Union and let us save you money!! Give us a phone call, with a little information, to see if we could land you a better deal.

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Home Mortgage Loans

Looking to purchase or refinance. Check out the Fortera for valuable information.

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